Sunday, 22 January 2023

The Impossible Dream Of A Walking Fire (Twin Peaks: Part 1) [Twin Peaks 1990]

This is not a place you were supposed to find yourself in. We have had many coffee shop dates, you and I, but you must understand that I am an introvert at heart and sometimes I enjoy my solitude. I fully intended to come here on my own, drinking my coffee and eating my slice of cherry pie in the blissful loneliness that is a comfort to me. I say this not to imply that you have intruded upon that solitude. Far from it. It is the warm and kind gesture of a mentor and friend, speaking honestly and truthfully, which made me decide to invite you to join me for this particular coffee date. They happened to pass by my table as I muttered to myself, not speaking to you but to my own sense of self. In these casual whispers and mumbles they heard a spark of poetic bliss, a spark which burned like a crackling fire quite unlike any before. That spark, that praise, made me realize that I simply must invite you here. It will be a coffee date unlike any you have had before, but it is one that we will navigate together here in this strange ethereal diner of my internal landscape. Don't be scared of the flame. Place your order, take my hand, and come with me. It will not be a long journey, but I hope that I can capture that blazing flame and turn it into song. 

Fire. Walk with me.

Thursday, 29 December 2022

Frezno's Games Of The 2022 Thing!

 How do I usually begin these again? I forgot. Well, we're into it now so I guess it doesn't really matter, now does it? We've both made it through another year, and as is customary I am going to talk about some computer video games I played in that year. I will say that it wasn't as many as previous years. Doing two big projects like the zombie one and the Quantum Leap one, along with real life stuff that distracted me in the fall, kept me off of the gaming a bit. It may be something I put more time into during 2023, but I have some ideas for things to watch that might be worth writing about. We'll see. That's a concern for the future, though. For now, let's talk about the year that went past... in games.

Monday, 31 October 2022

Sixteen More Screams For Halloween: Day 16 (Halloween Kills/Halloween Ends)

Here we are! The spooky night itself, when the kids run around in the dark in masks and want candy from us folks who are staying in and throwing on spooky media. Like this double bill. Actually, to be truthful, I am writing this part the day before because I watched the first movie the night before. I'm a SPOOKY SPECTRE OF THE RECENT PAST OOOOOOO. Basically I knew I was going to cover this film, but I did not realize the finale of this modern Halloween trilogy was also like, available on streaming stuff? So I can just watch both of them and put a cap in the trilogy. You get a double treat tonight, a metaphorical full size Snickers bar from my house. Let's hop on back to Haddonfield, Illinois, and encounter that Michael Myers again starting with...

Saturday, 29 October 2022

Sixteen More Screams For Halloween: Day 15 (Mandy)

 You ever watch a movie so good that its one major flaw pisses you off? That's the boat I'm in tonight, having watched the film Mandy earlier today. Let me be clear. Mandy had the chance to be a transcendental thing, almost an experience rather than a film, something which used the language of cinema not to tell a plot but to invoke a mood, an idea, an ethos in the one sitting in front of it. It could have been one of my favorite pieces of spooky media ever. Then it does something at the halfway point which I cannot forgive, which lowers its status down to a still pretty good movie. Oh, but how I lament what could have been. What was burned at the altar of plotting decisions for the sake of that which I cannot sanction. Let me talk about those halves. What could have been, and what is instead.

Thursday, 27 October 2022

Sixteen More Screams For Halloween: Day 14 (Cure)

Ahh, once again it's the kind of film that makes me scratch my head and wonder just what I'm going to bullshit about until I get a sufficient amount of words in the Notepad file to deem this postable. Helpfully, though, it's quite serendipitous that I should have to cover this film on the blog directly after Larry Cohen's God Told Me To. In a madcap way, they're sort of mirrors of each other. In another madcap way, they're both opposite. Yes, that's contradictory, but let me explain by way of example, and in doing so get an analysis of this neat little film.

Tuesday, 25 October 2022

Sixteen More Screams For Halloween: Day 13 (God Told Me To)

It's always fun when I shut one of these films off and just stare blankly at my TV and wonder A) what in the hell I just watched and B) how in the hell I am going to attempt to say anything coherent about it for my blog. Then I remember that I'm a finely-honed master of rambling and bullshitting and have been doing it for close to 25 years. Then I remember how old that makes me feel. Anyway, here's God Told Me To from Larry Cohen. We've encountered Larry Cohen before, as he worked on The Stuff. Does God Told Me To have anything to do with The Stuff? Not at all. It's just a weird little factoid, but in doing so I've filled out an intro paragraph and made enough buffer space that I can talk about the movie I just watched. See, I told you. I'm terribly clever at all this, and the conversational tone just helps. Okay, for real, what is this movie doing?

Monday, 24 October 2022

Doctor Who First Impressions: October 2022 Special (Power Of The Doctor)

Remember when Doctor Who was locked in
a booth and regenerating, like in 2010?
I guess we begin here with the personal story of exorcism. Two days before this episode aired, a Twitter user who shall remain nameless pulled off a venomous slag against Chris Chibnall, calling him a "talentless destructive bastard" who "devalued and replaced [other writer's Doctor Who stories with] his shitty sociopathic fanfiction" and hoped that he would rot in hell for this crime. Yesterday, while talking about the 2022 Scream, I kept making references to twisted funhouse mirrors and toxic fan entitlement. Here, then, is the ultimate terror. In this Twitter user's vitriol, in their hissing about how Chris Chibnall ruined a thing they loved... I looked upon this serpent with dripping poison from its fangs and saw myself.